The Marketing Buzzword Podcast

The Psychology of Buzzwords - Why do we use them? Why do some words thrive whilst others languish? What is social transmission and how does it affect buzzwords?

February 25, 2019

Hello again and welcome back to the Marketing Buzzword Podcast!

This is the podcast which helps you to understand what all of these business and marketing buzzwords actually mean, and how they can helpful going forward, and today we are going to break down the psychology of buzzwords, and begin to work out why we use them, and how they can spread so far and so fast.

I’m your host Ben M Roberts and in this show I am the marketing bee in charge making sure I can get the right guests and ask the right questions to make these words and phrases make sense.

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This show is taken an adapted from a chapter in Ben's new book 'Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority' - To be released March 2019. In this chapter Ben explores the psychological rationale around buzzwords, in particular how they gather momentum and why some even fail to take off in the first place.

So hold, on tight, we are about to fly around the beehive and explore why we use buzzwords.