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Marketing Qualifications - Are marketing qualifications still relevant? What is the point in spending the time to get a qualification? Should you be working in marketing without one?

January 21, 2019

Hello again and welcome back to the Marketing Buzzword Podcast!

This is the podcast which helps you to understand what all of these business and marketing buzzwords actually mean, and how they can helpful going forward, and today’s buzzword is “Marketing Qualifications”

I’m your host Ben M Roberts and in this show I am the marketing bee in charge making sure I can get the right guests and ask the right questions to make these words and phrases make sense.

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Right that’s more than enough about me. It’s time to introduce this weeks guest! This episode’s expert buzzword bee is the brilliant Peter Sumpton.


Peter has worked within the Marketing profession ever since leaving University via various organisations from SMEs to large multinational PLCs in a number of different market sectors including; media and manufacturing.

Today, as a Tutor and Podcaster of Marketing, Peter covers the entire marketing genre from strategic planning to creative thinking and consumer engagement, culminating in the ultimate goal in helping people gain professional Marketing qualifications.

Having been in this position himself, he knows exactly what it takes to pass a CIM Qualification and become a Chartered Marketer in the process. The passion and commitment to the profession he loves – Marketing, can be infectious.

Helping others succeed and pass their CIM Qualifications by focussing on specific individual assignments, not generic Marketing studies is where Peter’s teachings differ. Working through theories and concepts, referencing and case studies making each part easier to understand and implement so that studying becomes fun and engaging.

Watching other people pass their CIM qualifications through his teachings and tutoring is an absolute honour.

Social links:

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Enough small talk, let's talk "Marketing Qualifications"